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Kitchen (General)

Modern kitchens, irrespective of their size or design, have become a multi functional hub of today’s family home. Successful lighting schemes for kitchens are always delivered in layers, meaning there will be light sources on the ceiling, the walls and under the cupboards. These layers should be separately switched in order to create the right lighting mood for whatever is happening at the time. Wherever possible work surfaces should be lit from a position forward of the body, whether that is from carefully positioned ceiling down lighters or under cupboard lighting. This ensures that you do not cast your own shadow whilst working. Ceiling fittings such as recessed down lighters or surface mounted LED panel lights are an excellent choice when maximum shadow free light is required. Larger kitchens, especially those that have casual living or dining areas can benefit from wall lighting for a more relaxed atmosphere.

For those of you lucky enough to have a Kitchen Island, we have made a separate category for this most revered of kitchen features which can be found here.

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