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Conservatories and orangeries present some unique lighting challenges, as more often than not they feature a partially or wholly glazed roof. This will allow for a higher proportion of light to escape than a conventional room where the ceiling will reflect most of the light back into the room.

Most conservatories have a pitched style ceiling with a main ridge beam. Feature ceiling lights or ceiling fans can be fitted to this beam provided that there is wiring and you have established that the beam is load bearing. Linear bar or track spotlights which are installed along the length of the ridge beam are also a popular choice for conservatory ceilings. Always pay careful attention to the dimensions of any ceiling light that is intended for a conservatory, as tie beams, pitched ceilings and ridge beam width can all present potential issues if not addressed.

Wall lighting is well worth considering in a conservatory as it brings the light down into the living space. Washer style wall lights which throw the light up and down are a particularly popular choice for this.

Of course no room is complete without a well positioned table or floor lamp, and the conservatory is no exception. This will add pleasant pools of light just where it is needed.

If you would like any help or advice on lighting your conservatory, please get in touch by phone or email – we are always happy to help.


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